Star Anise, Vietnamese

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With its beguiling anise aroma and sweet flavor, star anise is used throughout East and South Asia in a wide variety of dishes. While it is probably most famously used in Chinese Five Spice blends and Vietnamese phở, it is also commonly found in biryani, masala chai, and in French mulled wine, to name just a few! Wonderful in both savory and sweet foods, star anise will enhance the flavor of meat, or add smooth sweetness to pastries and jams.

Contains: Dried star anise.

  • Botanical Name: Illicium verum
  • Alternate Names: Badian
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet, anise, fennel, savory, strong, warming, hint of clove
  • Pairs Well With: Grapefruit, marmalades, soups
  • Try In: Celery Pickles with Baies Roses & Star Anise, Málà Pork Wontons with Orange Chile Oil
  • Special Tips: Star anise easily releases strong flavor when heated in water, so be careful not to add too early or you can overwhelm other flavors. The pod itself is woody and does not soften with cooking

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