Founder, Blender-in-Chief

Claire Cheney founded Curio Spice in 2015 out of an obsession for spices and the stories they tell. She hails from Massachusetts and Maine, where she learned to forage for wild foods and build her own curiosity cabinets. She went to Oberlin college where she cooked for 80-member co-ops and studied food writing, then went on to work in specialty coffee and fine dining. As Curio’s blender-in-chief she creates original blends for our Signature line inspired by her extensive travels to spice origins, and also studies time-honored blends for our Classic line. She lives with her family near Cambridge, MA.


Operations Director

Sam is our resident Canadian scientist, who found Curio through a love of food, farming, and sustainable agriculture. She manages Curio’s enormous inventory, oversees the wholesale and bulk programs, and makes sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes - from ordering to pricing to sales. In February 2020, she went on her first spice sourcing trip to Cyprus! When she’s not running, biking, or swimming, she’s busy making lip balm for her small company Bee Balm Co., or endeavoring to make the perfect spiced cocktail. Her obsession with cardamom is (sort of) under control these days, but still sneaks its way into her culinary creations at least once a week.


Graphics & Events Manager

Susan joined Curio in 2017 to “help out” but quickly became an essential member of the team, and is now full time as our Graphics & Events Manager. She heads up our recipe development, creating and testing delicious dishes, feeding the team many varieties of cookies to get the ratios just right. She also coordinates our class offerings, helps manage customer service, and directs our graphics program for our 250+ offerings (she comes from a career in graphic design). Susan has been cooking since childhood and grew up in a family who gardened, cooked, canned, baked, and made things. She’s fussy about tomatoes and crazy about Kampot red long pepper.


Production Manager

Caitlin grew up in suburban Ohio, dreaming of being anywhere else. She realized she could experience other places through their recipes so taught herself to cook when she was a teenager. She fell even more in love with food while on archaeological digs in Romania and Cyprus and by eating her way through Mexico City, Italy, and Greece. Since moving to Boston in 2010 Caitlin has continued her food education by searching out the tastiest jobs she could find. For the last nine years she has worked for o ya, a James Beard winning Japanese restaurant in downtown Boston, where she fell in love with Japanese food and culture. She was also allowed to plunder the head chef's extensive cookbook collection and became obsessed with Persian and Georgian cuisine. In the last year or two Caitlin has become very interested in the origins, quality, and sustainability of ingredients.  She is so happy to be working at Curio where she can keep track all those things! Recently she has been cooking with a lot of omani limes and sumac - sour food forever!


Marketing & Engagement Manager

Josh has been fascinated by flavor since his first dive into the back of the pantry at 10 years old. His passion for food brought him to Johnson & Wales University and, since then, he’s worked at pizza shops, fine dining restaurants, a chocolate factory, a test kitchen, and Milk Street. He’s made it his mission to empower home cooks to explore and create memorable culinary experiences in their own kitchens. Needless to say, he’s very excited to be able to see that mission through with Curio. After starting his mornings with coffee spiked with sansho pepper, you can find him crafting polyhedral dice he calls clickclackmathrocks, styling and photographing food long before he eats it, singing with his fiancé while strumming his ukulele, or leading intrepid adventurers through a fantasy-filled game of Dungeons & Dragons.


Fulfillment Manager

Sarah first discovered the world of craft foods and mission based food businesses while living on the west coast. After returning home to the Boston area she was very happy to find female-founded Nectar & Green and become part of their organic, cold press almond milk team. She is now very excited to be a part of Curio’s team, supporting small farms and ethical sourcing. During the winter you can find Sarah snowboarding as much as possible and in the summer you’ll find her around water as much as possible. Sarah’s favorite spice and flavor is ginger. She loves to ferment fresh ginger beer at home called Blondie’s Lemon Ginger.


Front of House Manager

SJ grew up in the Cambridge area and was raised to love food and international flavors. After a long stint hopping around the country, SJ returned to old haunts and started working in the robust local specialty food industry. Curio, as a small shop, offers the perfect opportunity for SJ to chat with locals and visitors alike about their experiences and adventures into home-cooking. A fan of intricate cocktails and strange brews, SJ is constantly simmering a combination of our spices in a pot somewhere.


Wholesale Coordinator

Andrew grew up in Lexington, MA and went to school at McGill University where he studied Political Science, however his love for food and new tastes led him to pursue his passion with Curio. He is an avid home cook and on early summer weekends you might find him in Western Massachusetts fishing for trout. Andrew's favorite spice is granulated garlic, which he does not shy from using in a homemade barbecue sauce.


Spice Associate

Miranda is a new addition to the Curio Spice team, bringing with her a passion for quality control, organizing and fresh spices.  She got interested in cooking about 6 years ago while dating her now husband because she got jealous of his ability to put gorgeous meals on the table. Suddenly steamed broccoli and pesto tortellini seemed a bit lackluster. A jeweler and artist by trade, Miranda enjoys the attention to detail and thinking about user experience that goes into packing spices and fulfilling orders.  Pop on a good podcast and give her a stack of orders and she is a wiz with the tissue paper! Miranda enjoys growing her own hot peppers, working on perfecting her black bean chili and going for long rambling walks searching for oddities in overlooked corners.


Fulfillment Assistant

Ityng found Curio a few years ago when she met fellow vendor Claire at a local market event and fell in love with the brand. An artist and graphic designer by training, Ityng started her own small business, Foxfire Creative Studio, as a way to pursue her own creative projects. Products include printed designs (mostly food themed!) on functional home goods such as flour sack towels and more. Food has always been an influential part of Ityng's life. From the days of her youth of making scallion pancakes or dumplings from scratch with her family on Saturday mornings, to more recently trying to perfect her biscuit recipe, food is one thing she doesn't like to skimp on. Originally from Taiwan, her family moved half-way across the world where she grew up in Puerto Rico. Her palate was expanded and enlightened and her interest in food was piqued. When an opening came up to work at Curio, she couldn't pass up the opportunity to learn more about the world of food. Current food obsessions: roasted sweet potatoes with paprika and thyme. She also can't stop putting Magic Salt on everything!


Spice Associate

Originally from the Golden State, Geoff has hopped from coast to coast before settling in Boston. A writer and photographer, he has extensively documented his food adventures over the years, be it restaurants he's visited on trips or the latest batch in an ongoing series of ice cream experiments. Geoff's curiosity for cooking and pushing the envelope with different ingredients led him to Curio, and one of the greatest joys he takes from the job is learning something new about the world of food every day. His favorite spices are ground chilies; in his opinion no dish is complete without a kick of spice! When not assisting customers or working on backstock, he can be found playing the latest board game with friends or futzing around with a musical instrument.


Spice Associate

Born in Texas and raised in Rhode Island, Sarah spent her childhood reading anything that she could get her hands on, including her mother’s large and eclectic cookbook collection. After studying history and political science in Washington DC and subsequently spending a decade in publishing, Sarah decided to follow her heart - and her stomach - into specialty food, working in the cheese department of a grocery store for the next three and a half years before coming to Curio. The cultural and personal connections that we can make through food inspire Sarah to find opportunities to enrich and improve the lives her herself and others. When not working, Sarah can be found cooking, reading, listening to and sometimes making music, dancing, and dreaming of travel. A self proclaimed “salt monster from that episode of Star Trek,” Sarah has a fondness for finishing salts of all varieties, as well as a love of chiles, urfa and comapeño in particular. 


Spice Associate

Camille grew up in Weston, MA, and gained an appreciation for local, fresh foods while working in her family's garden. She just graduated from Brown University in Rhode Island, where she studied ecology and conservation, and she was drawn to Curio by the company mission and focus on sustainably sourced spices. However, she is quickly growing to love experimenting with new flavors in the kitchen as well. She has a passion for anything and everything with cumin, as well as spiced drinks and cocktails. She is also working up the courage to try all of Curio's many varieties of chilies. In her down time, Camille can be found playing her bassoon, bothering her two cats, and rollerblading!