Grains of Paradise (Korerima), Ethiopian

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One of several spices in the ginger family called black cardamom, korerima grows wild throughout Eastern Africa. Cultivated extensively in Ethiopia where it is used in many fundamental spice blends, korerima is similar to green cardamom, but with deeper flavor and notes of smokiness. We are proud to source this directly from a women’s farming coop in Bonga, Ethiopia. Try in coffee, on citrus fruit, or in stews!

1.25oz Jar

Contains: Korerima (grains of paradise).

  • Botanical Name: Aframomum corrorima
  • Alternate Names: Black cardamom, Ethiopian cardamom, korarima
  • Origin: Bonga, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
  • Sourcing: Directly sourced from a women’s farming coop
  • Tasting Notes: Floral, smoky, earthy, black tea, cooling, herbal
  • Pairs Well With: Stews, stone fruit, desserts
  • Try In: Coffee, Ethiopian lamb stew, Gomen
  • Special Tips: Grind right before use to preserve aromatic oils

Make it a Gift: Featured in our Ethiopian Niter Kibbeh Kit, Bonga Spice, and Sēti Berbere blend. Or combine with Ethiopia Cookbook, Grains of Paradise, Koseret, Besobela, Gift Wrap