Cumin Seeds

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With a name that can be traced directly back to ancient Mesopotamia, cumin has been beloved by gourmands for time out of mind. Earthy, rich and yet bright, cumin forms the backbone of many a spice blend and favorite dish in cuisines from India to Mexico, and everywhere in between. Use these seeds whole or ground, but make sure to toast before use or lightly fry in oil to release the full aromatic power of this ancient spice.

Contains: Whole cumin seeds.

  • Botanical Name: Cuminum cyminum
  • Tasting Notes: Warm, earthy, strong, citrusy, bright, base-note
  • Pairs Well With: Ground Cayenne, rice, legumes, meat
  • Try In: Black-Garlic Carrot Hummus, Turmeric Samosa Soup
  • Special Tips: Recipes calling for black cumin are probably looking for Nigella, a totally different spice with an onion-like flavor, but in rare instances could be referring to Afghan Wild Cumin, so read carefully!

Make it a Gift: Combine with some cumin forward blends like Mazeh Spice and Chaat Mela, or with its cousins Caraway, Fennel, and Coriander, Gift Wrap