Cumin Seeds, Afghan Wild

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This rare and delicious wild cumin only grows in the Hindu Kush mountains and is hand-picked by Afghan foragers. The rocky, arid terrain causes this scrappy and undomesticated cumin to be small, compact, and bursting with warm, umami flavor. Beloved by local Afghan cooks, this is undoubtedly close to the cumin flavor that our Mediterranean ancestors fell so in love with thousands of years ago!

Contains: Wild cumin seeds.

  • Botanical Name: Banium persicum
  • Alternate Names: Persian cumin, wild black cumin
  • Origin: Badakhshan, Afghanistan
  • Tasting Notes: Warm, bright, deep cumin, earthy, hint of caraway
  • Pairs Well With: Meat, vegetables, salads
  • Try In: Spiced lentil salads, roasted chicken
  • Special Tips: As with domesticated cumin, toast before grinding, or fry in oil at the start of cooking

Make it a Gift: Combine with other wild spices like Sicilian Wild Oregano, Wild Black Fennel Seeds, and Voatsiperifery Pepper, Gift Wrap