Peppercorn, Voatsiperifery

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A wild relative of true pepper that grows only in Madagascar, voatsiperifery berries are smaller than standard black peppercorns with a long comet-like stem. This variety of pepper has an intensely herbal, floral and citrusy aroma and flavor that lends itself well to recipes with a more delicate flavor profile like flatbreads, fish, and vegetables.

Contains: Black peppercorns.

  • Botanical Name: Piper borbonense
  • Origin: Antalaha, Republic of Madagascar
  • Sourcing: Directly sourced

Make it a Gift: Pair with blends that feature voatsiperifery - Madagascar Pickling Spice and Creole Spice. Or check out our gift sets Single Origin Cabinet of Wonders and Claire's Spice Pantry which both feature this unique pepper, Gift Wrap