Korean BBQ Fried Egg and Avocado Sandwich

Korean BBQ Fried Egg and Avocado Sandwich

Serves 1 but can be endlessly multiplied. 

This sandwich is a spicy antidote to HANGRY — it takes no time to make and hits all the marks for satisfaction. The hot and umami flavors of our Korean BBQ bloom in the oil as you cook the egg, netting something akin to a chile-crisp egg, which is a perfect complement to creamy avocado! Serve with kimchi or a lightly pickled cabbage slaw alongside. 

For the sandwich:
1 slice hearty bread, toasted
Slices from half an avocado
Sea Salt
1 scallion, white and green parts thinly sliced
Korean BBQ for sprinkling 

For the egg:
2 tablespoons neutral oil
2 teaspoons Korean BBQ
Sea Salt
1 egg

Set up the sandwich Set the toast on a plate and top it with the avocado slices. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt. Set aside.

Cook the egg  For a sunny-side-up or over-easy egg,* put the oil into a small, heavy skillet set over medium heat and add the Korean BBQ and a pinch of salt. When the oil begins to bubble around the chile blend, stir the oil once, then crack the egg into the oil and cook until the whites are opaque, and the yolk has just begun to set (then flip for over easy). Remove the skillet from the heat.

*If you prefer a fully cooked yolk, wait to add the Korean BBQ until the first side of the egg is cooked and you flip the egg over. Try to sprinkle the spice both on the egg and into the oil. This timing will help you avoid burning the spices.

Finish the sandwich  Put the egg on top of the avocado and toss on the scallions. Scoop a spoonful of chile oil out of the skillet and drizzle it over the sandwich. Sprinkle with by a pinch more Korean BBQ.



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