Mastic, Chios

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Mastic is the dried resin of the mastic tree which is in the same family as pistachio. Harvested for at least 2,500 years on the island of Chios, the resin was once worth more than its weight in gold. Used extensively to flavor a variety of foods, beverages, candies, and body products, mastic has also traditionally been chewed as a breath freshening gum. Indeed, the name mastic shares a root with the word masticate, to chew! Refreshingly bright, with notes of pine and cedar, we love to pair this ancient spice with herbs, citrus, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Contains: Dried mastic resin.

  • Botanical Name: Pistacia lentiscus
  • Alternate Names: Mastiha, masticha
  • Origin: Chios, Greece
  • Sourcing: Directly sourced, see our 2020 Report
  • Tasting Notes: Pine, cedar, notes of fennel, bright, cooling, herbaceous
  • Pairs Well With: Desserts, fish, vegetables
  • Try In: Ice cream, brioche, syrup
  • Learn More: Claire’s Journal Aromatum: Where’s Home, Mastiha
  • Special Tips: Mastic can permanently gum up electric spice grinders, so it is best to grind in a mortar with a pinch of sugar or salt, or freeze for 1-2 hours to make it fragile and easy to grind