Top Food Establishments

Our spice blends and spices can be found at some of the region’s top restaurants and food establishments:

Oleana & Sofra (Cambridge, MA), Honey Road (Burlington, VT), Juliet Restaurant (Somerville, MA), Urban Hearth (Cambridge, MA), Gate comme des filles (Somerville, MA), Honeycomb Creamery (Cambridge, MA), Spoke Wine Bar (Somerville, MA), 3 Little Figs (Somerville, MA), George Howell Coffee (MA), Meadow Hawk Granola (Brooklyn, NY), Uncommon Feasts (Lynn, MA), Shore Leave (Boston, MA), Baldwin Bar (Woburn, MA), Libby’s Bistro (Gorham, NH) and many others!

Curious about how our spices can enrich your menu or products? We offer bulk pricing on all our pure spices and blends - for online ordering, simply select the Bulk option from the dropdown menu on any of these products. For other bulk or wholesale inquiries, write to

We also offer custom blending services. Please send us a note to to inquire.