V Smily Collab 3-Jam Gift Set

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We are thrilled to partner with V Smily Preserves of Vermont on a trio of spiced jams made with V Smily's signature sweetener, honey. These jams are delightful when paired with cheeses, see below for pairing suggestions.

JAM GIFT SET INCLUDES three 2 oz jars:
1 Lavender Blackberry Rhubarb 
1 Cherry Rosehip Hibiscus
1 Nectarine Lemon Yuzu

Lavender Blackberry Rhubarb
This flavors lives fully in the traditional jam flavor category (brambly, tart, sweet, homey) so it makes a great gift and it’s going to be very at home on your toast with ricotta or just some salty cultured butter.

CHEESE PAIRING: try it with an ash-veined goat milk cheese.

INGREDIENTS: honey, blackberry, rhubarb, lemon juice, lavender.

Cherry Rosehip Hibiscus
A truly balanced, fruity cherry jam. This jam lives on the sweeter end of the V Smiley Preserves flavor spectrum, which is to say, far less sweet than commercial jam, but sweet enough to always be a best-seller. It's a crowd pleaser and the hibiscus and rosehips keep it real, spotlighting the tart & juicy side of the cherry character.

CHEESE PAIRING: An all-rounder for eating with cheese, this jam pairs with bloomy rinds (Brie) to alpine styles and washed rinds.

INGREDIENTS: cherries, honey, lemon juice, almond extract, dried organic rosehips, dried organic hibiscus

Nectarine Lemon Yuzu

Nectarine and lemon jelly interspersed with lemon chips and nectarine chunks for texture. Curio Spice Co.’s Yuzu Rose Green Tea is ground and swirled into the jam as it finishes cooking.

Lemon always helps pop fruit flavors while nectarines provide sweetness and body. Together they lay the foundation for this flavor’s star ingredient, Curio's Yuzu Rose Green Tea!

CHEESE PAIRING: Marmalades, even super delicate ones like this flavor, pair well with hard, aged cheeses, but this flower and citrus-forward flavor will also delight an unctuous and soft triple cream.

INGREDIENTS: honey, nectarine, lemon, green tea, rose buds, yuzu zest, lemon zest, coriander, timut pepper

About V Smiley:

The child of 1970’s back-to-the-lander parents, V Smiley grew up farming in rural Vermont. An educational background in writing and art history landed V in Los Angeles working in the arts. An abrupt decline in V’s health placed food at the heart of everyday life, what to cook, what to eat and how to feel good. Out of this, V began cooking professionally, first in Los Angeles and then in various Seattle area restaurants. In 2012, V began to form a plan whose final goal was opening a restaurant back home in Vermont. Starting V Smiley Preserves in Seattle, surrounded by mentorship and opportunity was step one. Next would be the move back to Vermont. That happened in 2015. Finally, in 2022, Minifactory (the production home of V Smiley Preserves and a community restaurant/bakery/market that celebrates preserves in food) opened its doors on Main St in Bristol Vermont. Entering its 11th year, V Smiley Preserves has earned distinction with multiple Good Food Awards and most proudly, defining and perfecting a very particular way of making fruit preserves using only fruit, honey and aromatics. 
Learn more here! https://www.vsmileypreserves.com/about