Golden Milk Coconut Freeze-Pops

Golden Milk Coconut Freeze-Pops

Makes 10 pops.

A delicious way to cool off with our Golden Milk Turmeric Latte Mix on a hot day. These frozen treats are richly colored, spiced to perfection, and not too sweet. They are simpler-than-simple to make — the most challenging part is waiting for the pops to freeze!   

2 cans light coconut milk, preferably one with guar gum as an emulsifier
5 tablespoons Golden Milk Turmeric Latte Mix
½ cup light brown sugar
¼ teaspoon salt 

Make the pops  Put all the ingredients into a quart jar or deep bowl with a pour spout. Blend with an immersion blender for 1 minute, then let the mixture infuse for 15–20 minutes. Pour the mixture through a metal fine-mesh strainer into a pitcher or measuring cup (the pour spout makes filling the molds easier).

Set the popsicle molds on a small baking sheet (this makes moving them to the freezer much easier). about a 1/8-inch head space, and transfer them to the freezer until they are ‘slushy,’ 40 minutes to an hour. Insert a stick into the center of each pop, then freeze solid, another 4 hours to overnight.

Serve  Working one pop at a time, remove them from the molds (dip the mold briefly in warm water or warm it with your hands).


  • You can use the strained solids to make yourself a cup of golden milk while you wait for the pops to freeze. Stir a heaping teaspoon of the strained spices into a cup of your favorite milk and warm on the stove or heat in the microwave for one minute — no need to add sweetener. Strain and enjoy. This ‘second press’ golden milk will be somewhat lighter in flavor, but still lovely!
  • You can substitute other sweeteners such as agave syrup, maple syrup, honey, or jaggery (Indian raw sugar). Just remember that sweeteners differ in sweetness and adjust accordingly.
  • If you don’t have a 10-pop mold, you can freeze the extra coconut-milk mix in ice cube trays. Use the cubes instead of ice when making smoothies.





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