Sensory Learning for Kids (all ages!)

Sensory Learning for Kids (all ages!)
Spices are a lovely way to get you and your kids engaged in the senses. Use these ideas for ways you can put that spice cupboard to work and learn something new:⁠
The Nose Knows Game

Take out 6-10 pure spices from the cupboard and sprinkle a bit of each into the lid of the spice container (then tuck away the jar so the labels are hidden). Take turns holding the cap under your partner's nose and see if they can guess what spice it is! ⁠

Crush & Smell

Learn how to use a mortar & pestle! Start with WHOLE spices, such as allspice berries, cardamom pods (my fave!) or coriander seeds. Smell the spices whole (before crushing them!!) and talk about what you notice. Then, use an up-and-down motion first to break up the whole spice, then use a swirling, circular motion to break down the spices. Smell again.⁠ What's different?

Blend ‘em

To make a simple spice blend, use a minimum of 3 spices and a maximum of 6. Smell each spice before measuring it with a measuring spoon into a bowl, and write down how much you put in. For example, try 1 tablespoon ground cumin, 1 teaspoon ground ginger and 1 teaspoon turmeric. Come up with a creative name for your mix! How will you cook with it? 

Cook Something Up

Once you’ve made your new spice mix, what will you make to eat? First see what it tastes like. A good way to test the spice blend is to mix it with a bit of salt and sprinkle it on some plain rice or pasta to see how it tastes. Easy ways to use your mix: toss with potato and a bit of sea salt and roast in the oven; use as a rub on chicken, or mix with a bit of lemon juice and oil and use as a dressing. See how your mix changes once it’s cooked!⁠

Crafty Spice 

Hey, is it time to clean out the spice pantry and move along those old, stale spices? Before throwing them out, try a couple crafty ideas. One way to use them is like pigments: mix with a bit of water and then ‘paint’ on a piece of paper. Turmeric is great for yellow, paprika for red, hibiscus for pink, cumin for brown. Have some old herbs? Take a piece of paper and a glue stick and swirl the glue over the paper. Then sprinkle on the old spices like glitter and make an ‘all natural’ design. 


  • Samantha Putos: April 24, 2024

    Thanks for your kind and enthusiastic comment. Here’s to life-long curiousity!

  • simhakidsden: April 24, 2024

    Your blog beautifully ignites curiosity in children about spices! I love how you engage young minds with sensory exploration, fostering a lifelong love for diverse flavours. Keep inspiring!

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