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Sri Lanka is facing an economic crisis. New government leader, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, made the decision to shift the entire agriculture sector to strictly organic production (including bans on any uncertified organic fertilizer) creating devastating effects. The impacts include slowing the output of Sri Lankan exports to a near halt, and a surge in Sri Lanka's sovereign debt from 7% to 16%, sending economic inflation to a record high of 17.5%.

Increased fuel and electricity prices resulted in the government rationing of energy; most households go without power for 10 hours a day while Sri Lankans wait for hours or days in long queues to collect their share of fuel. Even more concerning, the skyrocketing increases in food costs have left many families struggling to purchase meals and other basic essentials.

We directly source eight different spices from a single farmer group based in Kandy, Sri Lanka so this crisis is having an immediate impact on our partners whom we've worked with since 2015. As soon as this crisis took effect we got in touch with our farmer group and asked how we could help. We learned they've created a development fund to purchase dry rations for employees and their families. These rations (including rice, dhal, sugar, chili powder, curry mixes, potatoes, Soya meat packets, noodles, coconut, wheat flour, onions and tea leaves) are packaged and distributed amongst staff, most of whom are unable to afford food at the inflated cost.

We have agreed to pay $8 (2500 LKR) per pack for as many farmers as we can to support the development and there are over 1000 farmer members. We're starting with a goal of $3000 raised via Curio, with the rest supported by our founder. With your help, we have the opportunity to meaningfully support the very people who grow and process these aromatic spices we adore.

For Asian American Pacific Islander Month, we aim to raise at least $3000 to support our farmers in Sri Lanka. You can help! Just choose a few spices from our Sri Lankan Collection and we will donate all proceeds directly to the fund.


Looking for other ways to help Sri Lanka through this economic crisis? Consider donating to the following organizations:
A non profit dedicated to uplifting rural communities and is currently distributing essential grocery packs across the island.
Ghedora Connects
A non-profit focused on supporting marginalized ladies and their kids in the rural villages of Sri Lanka
Reachout SL 
An initiative distributing weekly food and essentials to the homeless communities in Sri Lanka


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