Limes, Omani Black

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A key ingredient in Persian cooking, these sun-dried limes are also a popular souring agent throughout the Middle East. While the aromatic oils that scent fresh limes are quickly destroyed by the heat of cooking, the concentrated oils of Omani limes are robust enough to survive long cook times, imparting beautiful tart and lime-y flavors deeply into food. Use whole in soups or stews, grate like nutmeg as a garnish, or crush to add funky and bright citrus to meat rubs.

3 Limes (approx. 1oz)

Contains: Whole black lime.

  • Botanical Name: Citrus latifolia
  • Alternate Names: Dried lime, noomi basra, limoo amani, limu Omani, loomi
  • Origin: Oman
  • Tasting Notes: Sour, lime, earthy, savory, bitter, slightly fermented
  • Pairs Well With: Meat, greens, fresh herbs
  • Try In: Mazeh Spice & Black Lime LentilsWatermelon Refresher with Black Lime & Magic Salt
  • Special Tips: Pierce with a knife or skewer before using whole. For easier piercing, allow to cook in your meal for a few minutes to soften. At the end of cooking, squeeze the lime to release your desired amount of sour lime flavor (use a sieve to catch any bitter seeds)

Make it a Gift: Featured in our Mazeh Spice blend, or combine with other classic Persian spices like Barberries, Persian Saffron, Gift Wrap