Garcinia Fruit, Kokum

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Belonging to the same plant family as mangosteen, there are hundreds of different types of garcinia trees and shrubs, many producing their own regionally prized fruit or extract. This type of garcinia fruit is called kokum, native to Western India where it is a popular souring agent for Goan cuisine. Sun-dried when ripe, kokum is tangy, sour, and slightly fruity. It can be used in similar applications to tamarind, or make a tangy red syrup for a refreshing sherbat!

0.75oz Bag

Contains: Dried garcinia fruit.

  • Botanical Name: Garcinia indica
  • Alternate Names: Aamsul
  • Tasting Notes: Sour, tangy, tart, fruity
  • Pairs Well With: Coconut milk, legumes, sugar
  • Try In: Kandy Spice Fish Curry
  • Special Tips: Soak in water for 15-60 minutes to rehydrate if you are using the pulp, and remember to remove any lingering seeds

Make it a Gift: Combine with Chaat Mela, Cumin Seeds, Kala Namak Salt to get started making summery sherbat at home, Gift Wrap