Cinchona Bark

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Native to South America, cinchona was used to make quinine, the only effective treatment for malaria available prior to the modern era. Over the course of time bitter quinine tonic evolved into the familiar tonic water beloved by bartenders the world over. Use cinchona bark to create your own bracing infused tonic water and take your cocktails to the next level!

1.5 oz Jar

Contains: Cinchona bark.

  • Alternate Names: Peruvian Bark
  • Tasting Notes: Biter, distinct, tonic water, astringent
  • Pairs Well With: Sugar, alcohol, citrus
  • Try In: Gin and tonic
  • Special Tips: Follow directions for tonic water or tea well and thoroughly strain out solids and particulate to avoid over infusing

Make it a Gift: Combine with other spices commonly used in homemade tonic water like Juniper Berries, Lemongrass Pieces, Allspice (Pimento) Berries, Lavender, Gift Wrap