Chile, Guajillo, Californian, Ground

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Beloved for its mild heat and bold flavor, guajillo chilies are used widely in Mexican Cuisine.  Grown in California by Fire Tongue Farm, these guajillo flakes are mild to medium hot and bursting with sweet, fruity flavor.  Use in red sauces, salsas, and marinades to add chocolaty richness with a hint of smokiness.

0.85oz Jar

Contains: Guajillo flakes.

  • Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum
  • Origin: Hollister, California USA
  • Sourcing: Directly sourced from a small farm using sustainable farming practices
  • Harvest: Fall 2021
  • Tasting Notes: Fruity, chocolate, sweet, smoke, bright, mild heat
  • Heat: 2.5k-5k SHU
  • Pairs Well With: Whole Guajillo Chilies, butter, potatoes 
  • Try In: Salsas, moles, meat marinades
  • Special Tips: Sauté in butter with onions and garlic to bring out the best these flakes have to offer!


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