Chile, Ñora, Massachusetts, Whole

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Sweet, mild and earthy, the ñora chile is a staple in Spanish cooking.  As cute as they are delicious, ñora chilies are closely related to bell peppers and can be used ground or rehydrated to add color and deep flavor to seafood, paella, ceviche or chorizo.  Ñora can be difficult to find outside of Spain, so we are happy to be able to offer these locally grown beauties for your next batch of sofrito or paella!

3 count

Contains: Dried whole ñora chilies.

  • Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum
  • Alternate Names: Nyora, pimento choricero, paprika pepper
  • Origin: Sunderland, Massachusetts USA
  • Sourcing: Direct sourced from a small local farm
  • Harvest: Fall 2021
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet, earthy, bell pepper, mild to no heat, fruity
  • Heat: 0-500 SHU
  • Pairs Well With: Granulated Garlic, vegetable stew, seafood
  • Try In: Romesco sauce, goulash
  • Special Tips: Grind the dry chilies to make a sweet paprika, or rehydrate by rinsing and then soaking in hot water for 10 minutes.  Remove the stems and seeds before adding to food, as the seeds can be bitter.  You can also scrape the rehydrated flesh from the skin for use in sofrito


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