Chile, Cayenne, Massachusetts, Ground

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From our friends at Kitchen Garden Farm! While standard grocery store cayenne powder can be dusty and only mildly hot, our cayenne is bursting with flavor and a well rounded heat! Up to 10x as hot as a jalapeño, cayenne peppers are roughly equivalent to a serrano. Peppery and slightly fruity with a hint of grilled bell pepper, ground cayenne is the perfect chile powder to sprinkle on egg salad, fried fish, or to kick up the heat on a pot of curry. Or, try in chocolate desserts! 

Contains: Ground cayenne chilies.

  • Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum
  • Origin: Sunderland, Massachusetts USA
  • Tasting Notes: Medium-hot heat, peppery, grilled bell pepper, bright, fruity
  • Heat: 30k-50k SHU
  • Pairs Well With: Comfort Curry, chicken, seafood
  • Try In: Yemenite Haroset, hummus
  • Special Tips: Our chile powders and flakes are much fresher than most commercially available spices, which means they are often hotter and more flavorful! Use a little cayenne and work your way up to your comfort zone

Make it a Gift: Pair with some of our other classic chile flakes and powders like Spanish Smoked Paprika and Sicilian Chile Flakes, Gift Wrap